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Integrity FAQ

When We Started
Integrity was founded on March 8, 2009 by Helagoth. Helagoth worked hard to build a strong and effective raiding guild. In 2013, he decided to take a break from WoW to pursue other interests.


What is our guild like?
We describe ourselves as a "serious but casual raiding guild." Casual to us means we don't have attendance requirements, and our primary philosophy is "life before WoW." We're always willing to help out our fellow guildies with getting gear from heroics/crafting/raids. We also have a zero tolerance policy toward guild drama and gross immaturity. Guildies are not beyond busting on each other and general trash talk, but we do try to keep it friendly, and to keep the poop jokes to a minimum.
The "serious” part refers to how we treat raiding. People are expected to be correctly geared and spec’d, with knowledge of how they should play their class as well as at least basic knowledge of the bosses we plan to attempt. Taking long random AFK’s or 10 minutes to recover from a wipe is not acceptable.
What we are NOT
We are not a hardcore guild. People will not get booted because they can’t raid 3-4 nights a week. People will not get booted because they are under-performing in their current gear. People will not get booted because they take longer to get a fight than others.

GM and Officers

Guild Master
Current Officers
The current officers are:



While certain officers are tasked with specific duties, all officers are capable of fulfilling any task required.

Guild Rules
1. No Drama.
The main killer of guilds is guild drama. Guild drama includes: whining about not getting gear; whining about not going on raids; whining that I don't like such and such person; etc. We're all adults here, so act like it.
2. No Begging.
Pretty self explanatory. If you need something, feel free to ask for it, as long as it's not gold!
3. No Gbank Ninja's.
Self explanatory again. If you need something from the gbank, put something else back. Share and share alike. Initial offenses will result in a demotion and a warning, repeat offenders will be gkicked.
4. Sign up for the Website.
If you're reading this, either you're a prospective member or you managed to find your way to the website. Congratulations! The reason for this is that the ability to post in-game is limited, and we need a method to communicate effectively and organize raids.
5. Mumble is Required for Raiding.
See the section on Mumble for more info on what it is and why you need it, but simply put, if you can't get on mumble, you probably can't manage to raid well. It's not that hard, really. Mumble is part of our minimum standard for raiding because I don’t want to have to type out instructions.
6. This is not a democracy.
If that sounds like an authoritarian dictatorship, it's because this is. Officers and the GM will listen to your concerns, suggestions, wants and needs. Ultimately though, the GM makes decisions.
If this guild does not suit your play times, play style, or in any other way, please feel welcome to move on to another guild. Not every guild is for everyone, and any guild that tries to be everything for everyone will ultimately fail.

What are the raid times?
Current raid times are listed on the website calendar. All times on the website are EST (GMT -5). Any events listed on in-game calendars are server time. 
What are we raiding?
Presently, we are running 3 nights of current raid content. 10 mans, old content, battlegrounds and rated battlegrounds are run periodically on off days/nights.  
What are the attendance requirements?
Zero. We have no attendance requirements. The only thing we ask is that if you sign up for a raid and later find you can't make the raid, post on the website or let your raid leader know in-game.
If you want to pug stuff instead of going on guild runs and/or don't want to raid at all, and are just looking for a good group of people to hang out with, that's fine too.

What are the raid requirements?


Be online 15 minutes before raiding starts.
Make sure you have all the food, flasks and pots you may need for raiding.  Out of respect for other players, avoid asking others for raid supplies right before raid time. 
Repair before showing up to raid.
Know the fights you're attempting, or at least do some research so you're not wasting everyone's time by failing at mechanics because you have no idea what's going on.

Raid invites generally go out 5 or so minutes before raid start times.
'Elite Raiders' and 'Raiders' are given priority for 25 man raids. 'Recruits' will be invited to fill any remaining raid spots.

How do I get promoted to 'Raider' or 'Elite Raider'?
Players seeking a promotion to ‘Raider’ should join off night raids and run LFR to familiarize themselves with fights and gear up appropriately. You should also get with an 'Elite Raider' of your class/spec and have them check out your raid readiness.
Apply here when you're ready. 
What add-ons do I need?

Everyone needs:

Mumble voice chat

Deadly Boss Mods (or some equivalent)
Any other add-ons you use are up to you.

Guild Ranks
Everyone is at 'Social' rank until hitting level 90.
If you'd like to raid on an alt, your toon can be promoted to 'Recruit' status for consideration for raiding.
People requesting promotion from 'Recruit' to 'Raider' will be able to demonstrate raid readiness.
Promotions will not be considered if you're not appropriately geared, gemmed and enchanted. Also, please don't request a promotion if you're not familiar with boss fights. There are plenty of online resources available to increase your knowledge of raid mechanics and strategies. Running off night raids Flex and LFR will also give you some idea of what you'll be up against.
Only exceptional players will be promoted to 'Elite' Raiders. Elite Raiders will be able to demonstrate comprehensive class knowledge, awareness of raid strategies and mechanics and an ability to efficiently execute play while showing up to raid on a consistent basis. They will also demonstrate a willingness to help other guildies progress. Elite Raiders will be capable of raiding hard modes and assisting with guild progression.
Players taking breaks for 3 months or longer may find their rank has changed. Ranks are assessed on a toon by toon basis and are subject to review if performance or raid attendance changes significantly.
If you have any further questions about guild ranks - speak with an officer.

Mumble Voice Chat

What is it?

Mumble is an outside program that allows users to talk to each other, similar to Ventrillo or Teamspeak.
Does it cost money?

It does not cost money to use mumble. It does cost money to buy a mumble server. Currently we have a 50 person server, and if we get to the point where we need more seats, I'll step it up.


Why do I need it?

Being able to talk to people makes it much easier for the raid leader to explain fights and call out important information during a fight, helping raids run smoother and faster. 
If you can't manage to get mumble working, odds are you can't raid very well either!

For those who don't know, WoWChat is WoW's in-game voice service, and Ventrillo is what most people use. We use mumble because it's better. It's much clearer, much easier to set up voice normalization, and much more flexible. And don't ask me about teamspeak, we don't speak of teamspeak.


Do I need a microphone?

No, you do not need a microphone, just be able to listen. Some fights require multiple people to call stuff out, but typically only the raid leader needs to be able to talk."Help I need healing" or "I'm dead!". "Oooooo look out, something's happening!" Should I tell everyone on mumble? Absolutely not. If you're not the raid leader, try to keep mumble clear especially during boss fights. If 3 people are trying to call stuff out, you generally end up confusing people more than helping.

Things that are NOT important for raiders to call out:

1. I need healing!!!
That's not to say if you're the off tank and you drop, you shouldn't say anything, but typically if you need healing, by the time you say something, the healers hear it, and then respond to it, you're either already dead or have already been healed. If we're all talking over each other, important things will get missed. 
2. I'm dead!!!
If you're dead, I already know, I have raid frames and such. If you're a healer or off tank or have some special job, it may be important to let people know, use your judgment. If you pulled aggro/stood in the void zone, etc, we REALLY don't want to hear on mumble that you're dead. Also, don't call out for a battle rez, the raid leader will decide if we should blow a battle rez on someone.

3. I'm missing Kings/Might/Wisdom/Fort/Int Buff etc.

If we need buffs for trash, we're doing something wrong. Worry about buffs at the boss fight. Typically the raid leader will call out "Rebuff" before a boss fight, and if at the ready check you're still missing a buff, THEN you can call it out without being annoying. Taslor is our official "Buff Nazi" and will be checking everyone as well.

Things that ARE important to call out:


1. I'm a healer and there's an add on me!

This we want to know. If you're dps and there’s an add on you, odds are you messed up.

2. I'm a tank and I'm dead!

This we also want to know, so we can pick up whatever you were tanking if possible.

3. I'm a healer and I'm out of mana

Again, very important information. This means the dps should kick it up a notch, because most likely people will start dying. If you're a druid, feel free to innervate them if possible.

4. I have some very bad debuff on me.
Sometimes it's important for people to call out things, and sometimes it's not. Try to be smart about it. Also, if you need something and need people to come to you, ping the map where you are.
Anything else I need to know about using mumble?
Use the audio wizard to set your 'push to talk' key.
Keep language in mumble family friendly. Inappropriate and offensive language will not be tolerated. You will be warned if your language is not acceptable. Don't be surprised if you're gkicked for failing to heed such warnings.
That being said, there are some designated 'adult only' channels for those of you who have trouble filtering what comes out of your mouth. Enter these channels at your own risk.

Guild Bank
How many tabs?
We currently have 8 tabs in our WoW gbank.
How are the tabs arranged?
The first tab is flasks and potions for raiding.
The second tab is pve gems.  Gems are free from the gbank for raiders.
The third tab is enchants and enchanting mats. Enchants are free from the gbank for raiders.
The fourth tab is food and cooking materials.
The fifth tab is for glyphs.
The sixth tab is current expansion herbs and scribe ink.
The seventh tab is for current expansion cloth leather and ore materials.
The last tab is the free for all tab - this is generally pvp gems, old mats, crafted gear, pets, etc.  Everyone is welcome to this tab.
I want something. How do I get it?
If you are given permission to take things out yourself, I trust you. If you need anything you can’t get out on your own, ask an Officer.
Why don't I have access to such and such tab?
We would love to just give everyone full access to everything. Unfortunately, some people can't be trusted, so we have to limit access to keep things from getting stolen. It sucks that some people ruin it for everyone, but that's the way it is. If you don't have an authenticator, guild access is also limited.