Code of Conduct
1.We treat each other with respect.
As a guild we pride ourselves on accepting and being respectful of people from a diverse range of ages, backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles. Racist, sexist, homophobic and other ignorant comments are not tolerated. Seriously, NOT tolerated.
Also, we don't verbally attack each other. We disagree at times, but we are still respectful, without name calling or insults. 
2. Be clear about what you want, and don't whine if you don't get it.
If you want something, instead of just whining about not getting it, try to help figure out how to make it happen. Volunteer to lead something, help recruit some people, etc.
3. Place what’s good for the guild above yourself.
We have to think about what will help everyone instead of what’s just best for 'me', otherwise we're just a bunch of squabbling children. Help people farm mats for stuff, donate stuff to the gbank, go on raids where you might not need something if it'll really help someone. If we're doing a raid, and something drops that’s a small upgrade for you, but a big upgrade for someone else, think about passing it to them. You don't 'have' to pass it, especially if it’s something you’ve waited a long time for, but it may be better for all of us in the long run, and remember that what goes around comes around.
4. Help people get better.
Guildies are encouraged to help others get better at their class and to gear up but you need to be willing to put effort in yourself. You have to be willing to listen to raid leaders, officers and other guildies about what you can do better. Do your job in raids as requested by your raid leader. It doesn't matter who's the highest dps, only that we succeed.
5. Remember you're part of a guild.
This is the most important one in many ways. Follow these guidelines with people outside the guild. Don't make an ass of yourself in other people’s raids. If you go on a pug, don't ninja stuff or otherwise be a pain. Don't get into QQ fests in trade chat. What you do reflects on the guild and your guildies. If the guild gets a bad name, that negative perception sticks, even after the person who caused the tarnish leaves.